Get empowered to choose health and make positive decisions with Lainie Chait

My name is Lainie Chait, an author, performer, podcaster, and stand-up comedian. I developed the superhero persona ‘Electro Girl’ when I was 19 to help me cope with the concept of having to live with Epilepsy “forever”, which was my diagnosis at the time. I have had close to 300 tonic clonic aka grand mal seizures – each one has brought me a step closer to understanding why I have them, when they might happen, and the triggers to look out for.

I have learnt to be an advocate for myself on this journey. Instead of just submitting to the diagnosis and medication prescribed, essentially I climbed into the driver’s seat of my health. I used the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment as a springboard to embark upon other healing modalities to keep the seizures and other symptoms at bay.

The side effects of a purely pharmaceutical approach were making my life miserable so I jumped back into the picture, took the reins off the practitioners, and found a way to rise above the allopathic prognosis presented to me. I am here to share my knowledge and empower YOU to start to be your own health advocate, get second opinions, question and research everything that is presented to you so you can make informed choices in order to get better from the inside out.