Electro Girl the book by Lainie Chait


Epilepsy has a stigma associated to it which creates isolation and fear  but it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time people knew more about the brain and how we have more control over it than we are allowed to believe.
Healing is about choices. Becoming healthy is not just about popping pills and getting check ups from a doctor. It is about the choices you yourself make to manage your symptoms off ill-health. Through her story ELECTRO GIRL, Lainie endeavours to empower people to manage their conditions holistically and not to accept that there is only one road to health. Any condition can be managed, it’s all an experiment so why not be in the driver’s seat of the experiment instead of being a passenger. We have one life, go deep inside and learn more about your body and brain in order to make it count!

Lainie Says...

There are many reasons I wrote ‘Electro Girl’ but here are the main ones:

  1. I was looking to promote awareness about our brains and how we need to look after them as they are integral to our survival.

  2. I wanted to debunk stigmas around Epilepsy and attempt to release some of the fear that many have about witnessing people who have seizures

  3. I wanted to inspire people to not take a backseat after they walk out of a doctor’s office with a diagnosis of any kind.