Get empowered to choose health and make positive decisions

Speaking Engagements

Being on stage and talking about what I’m passionate about, which is getting back in the driver’s seat of health, is something I get really excited about. I am thrilled to offer my expertise and life insights through engaging and informative speaking engagements. Whether it’s a conference, seminar, school program or workshop, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with diverse audiences. With a focus on empowering people to make positive decisions, I deliver down to earth, fun, educational presentations that leave attendees inspired and equipped with practical resources to think about and implement if they choose. If you’re looking for a charismatic speaker who can captivate your audience and deliver valuable content that encourages people to take personal responsibility for health, I would be delighted to work with you.

Plus, I have a puppet of my brain that I can bring to assist with the very important messages I share about brain health.

Collaborations and Joint Projects

Collaboration is a powerful tool for innovation and growth, and I am always excited about the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals and organisations. I believe in the power of synergy and the potential for remarkable outcomes when we combine our talents and expertise.

I have collaborated on radio shows, comedy shows, theatre shows, and have worked with venues, using my MC expertise to bring crowds in. Collaborating on anything creative is a dream to me. Way more magic happens when like-minded individuals combine their ideas and visions together. If you have a project in mind and believe our collaboration could make a difference, let’s connect and explore the possibilities together.

Media and Podcast Interviews

I am available for media interviews, podcast appearances, and other forms of media engagements. As an expert in empowering people to make positive decisions, particularly when it comes to managing a health challenge, I am well-equipped to discuss a wide range of topics and provide valuable insights to your audience. I have experience in both live interviews and pre-recorded segments. If you’re looking for a guest who can contribute thought-provoking perspectives and engage your listeners, with a big dose of humour, I would be thrilled to participate in your media or podcast endeavours.

How to Get in Touch

If you’re interested in booking me for a speaking engagement, discussing collaboration opportunities, or scheduling a media interview or podcast appearance, please reach out to me using the form here. I am always excited to explore new opportunities and connect with individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact.

I look forward to hearing from you and exploring how we can work together to create something remarkable!