Amy Behimer on how to manage MS (multiple sclerosis) holistically

Amy Behimer is a multiple sclerosis warrior, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, leader, pharmacist, and coach.   She uses her unique first hand experience, education, and training to help others shift from managing their autoimmune disease to creating autoimmune health using the thing that she credits for helping her LOVE HER DIAGNOSIS. 


As a doctor of pharmacy and certified health coach with expertise in functional medicine, habit change, and autoimmunity, she creates a space for those wanting to find the synergy between conventional and lifestyle medicine. 

Amy offers online courses, group coaching memberships, and one-on-one coaching services.

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You can get my book here which is a raw and honest dialogue of how I went from completely using allopathic medicine to manage a diagnosis of epilepsy, to only using a small amount of medicine and managing the rest with lifestyle choices and other wonderful plant medicines and supplements

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A little side note:

I am not a practitioner of health professional. These shows are meant to create food for thought for people going through similar situations. Planting seeds of information about things that perhaps you never knew could and might assist in treating and managing the symptoms associated with your diagnosis.

Alternative treatments are out there to be used, alongside allopathic medicine, or instead of.

That part is completely up to you, but gaining knowledge is the first part in empowering yourself back to health.

In love, light and electricity