Dale Allen-Rowse talking about holistically managing Dystonia

Dale Allen-Rowse and I unpack parts of his journey living with generalised Dystonia. We get to know Dale and really get an understanding of what Dystonia is, which is essentially part of the Tourette’s family.

Below is a little excerpt from Dale:

“Do you know what it’s like to be a teen and have to run for your life to avoid being put into Conversion Therapy? I do. Do you know what it’s like to show up at your baptist minister father’s funeral and be told that the reason he’s dead is because of you? I do. Do you know what its like to have your mother tell you that, had she known you’d be the result of having children that she wouldn’t have bothered? I do. -WHY?- Because I was raised in a religious home, not a spiritual one. And for this abuse… I am blessed. Truly. However it wasn’t until I was really ready to unpack all of that ‘stuff’ that was still living within me, that I found its gifts. My books are spiritual fiction that talk about personal evolution and how what we’ve been given in life ISN’T a mistake. So much so that I’d say my greatest asset is my trauma, and while I’ve had to learn how to manage my PTSD and PTSD induced neurological movement disorder (generalized dystonia) I wouldn’t change it for the world because its what has lead me to channeling books and shamanism and tons of other weird shit that I love and that makes sense to me – but it’s there, in the chasing of your weird that we discover a crack in the expected and see God.”

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A little side note:

I am not a practitioner of health professional. These shows are meant to create food for thought for people going through similar situations. Planting seeds of information about things that perhaps you never knew could and might assist in treating and managing the symptoms associated with your diagnosis.

Alternative treatments are out there to be used, alongside allopathic medicine, or instead of.

That part is completely up to you, but gaining knowledge is the first part in empowering yourself back to health.

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