Laurie-Anne talking Nocturnal Seizures

In this episode of Love your ‘epilepsy’ Diagnosis I talk with Laurie-Anne about her journey with Epilepsy.

Laurie-Anne experiences nocturnal seizures mostly which was a foreign concept to me before we spoke. We discuss the initial diagnosis and then how medications affected her and made her worse. We then discuss how her seizures look now off all the meds, her incredible carer and how animal therapy, particularly equine therapy and having horses has really helped her manage her stress and therefore, the frequency of her seizures.

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A little side note:

I am not a practitioner of health professional. These shows are meant to create food for thought for people going through similar situations. Planting seeds of information about things that perhaps you never knew could and might assist in treating and managing the symptoms associated with your diagnosis.

Alternative treatments are out there to be used, alongside allopathic medicine, or instead of.

That part is completely up to you, but gaining knowledge is the first part in empowering yourself back to health.