Miles Levin talking Advocating for Epilepsy through Film

Miles is a filmmaker with lifelong epilepsy.

He is a board member on two epilepsy foundations and has long fought for the use of cinema to end stigma.

His recent epilepsy film Under the Lights played film festivals internationally and started conversations on representation with the public. He is developing and raising money to make the feature film, which he believes could be the most far reaching awareness effort ever done.

Under the Lights is the story of Sam, a boy with epilepsy, so desperate to feel like a normal kid, he goes to prom knowing that the lights will make him have a seizure. 

Cinema has historically stigmatized and ignored people with epilepsy. A demographic of 1 in 26 who have almost never been represented authentically on screen, and suffer from brutal stigma every day.

Written and Directed by filmmaker with epilepsy, Miles Levin.

So excited for this to be amongst the winners in independent cinema.

Enjoy the interview

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A little side note:

I am not a practitioner of health professional. These shows are meant to create food for thought for people going through similar situations. Planting seeds of information about things that perhaps you never knew could and might assist in treating and managing the symptoms associated with your diagnosis.

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