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To win or not to win? That was the question!

I have just won an unfair dismissal case against a former employer. (April 2024)

The case should have taken a few months.

It took 2.5 years.

I got fired because I made the decision in 2021 to buckle under the pressure of coercion and get the CONVID-19 vaccination.

The reason behind me surrendering to inoculate myself was that my parents lived in the most “locked down” city in the world, Melbourne, Australia

 and I needed the evidence of inoculation to go and visit them.

If I had waited 4 more months, that rule was overturned anyway. (Insert annoyed emoji here)

I could sit here and talk about regrets or the what ifs, or I could state the facts of the unfair dismissal case which is the topic at hand.

I worked remotely for a wellness clinic situated in Newcastle. The wellness clinic sold medicinal cannabis products at an affordable price. These products were made from exceptional plant material that assisted people with ailments from short or long term health issues.

The wellness clinic was part of a Church. The Church of Ubuntu.

It’s founding CEO was a friend of mine at the time, we had once worked together for the same people for many years within the herbal product industry.

When I started working for the Church, it was discussed that I would assist them in talking with some of the people that presented to them with epilepsy. This is an area that I am well versed in as I have been living with, treating and managing my own epilepsy diagnosis both in and outside of allopathic medicine for the last 35 years.

For one year I worked remotely 3-4 times a week as a client care consultant, about which of the products from the wellness clinic would best suit their needs for that time. The consultations were thorough, followed a protocol and had the best interest of the person always at the forefront. An order was made, and the products were sent to the people with follow up calls also designed to be done over the next few weeks.

I loved the work; I was good at it. Through my own health journey, I have developed a wealth of knowledge about self-care, personal responsibility and empathy to understand how to work with others effectively.

I communicated with the wellness clinic through email and there were two FB chats to ask questions. One for the consultants and one for all the staff to talk about broader things that were going on in the world related to cannabis and other things.

I had to exit that group in 2021 as the topics being brought up and discussed became hotter and heavier with the inclusion of the vaccine and people’s divisive comments and thoughts.

One such comment hit a nerve when an anti-semitic comment was made about an Israeli scientist talking about the benefits of the vaccine. The CEO made a comment in that thread talking about this Israeli and stated that “Hitler definitely missed a few”.

I exited swiftly from that group but it was in that group that more discussion was had about staff and vaccines.

I decided in October 2021 to get the jab and one of the staff leaked this to the CEO who swifty put a voice recording on the FB chat stating that “No one who is vaccinated can work for the Church of Ubuntu” and used me as an example. That voice recording was sent to me by a colleague.

I wasn’t notified by the CEO or the person in charge of the Wellness Clinic to discuss this prior. Nor did the CEO answer my call when I rang to discuss it with him, rather he texted me that talking about it at that time was not going to be beneficial and he wishes me well.

I saw red.

My extremely difficult choice to get vaccinated was now being handed to me on a platter of judgement from these “pro-choice” people who were now treating me like I was a traitor, the enemy. It’s an us and them kind of situation and I had chosen to be part of “them” because I made a choice to be able to see my parents.


I have spent the last 15 years being a patient advocate. To empower people who are dealing with health concerns to rise above the initial diagnosis and be part of their solution instead of handing the reins over to any practitioner.

I wrote an autobiography about my life with epilepsy called ‘Electro Girl’ stating how I needed to do more research to understand my diagnosis so that I didn’t feel like a number in the system.

I turned that book into a stage show so more people could access the empowerment. I started a podcast called ‘Love your Diagnosis’ where I interview people who have got back in the driver’s seat of their condition and are now part of their own treatment , alongside practitioners and the management system they utilise to give themselves a better life.

The company discarded me and judged me like I had done something wrong. The CEO accused me of going behind his back stating I knew he was opposed to this. Alot of us were opposed to the way this was handled by our governments.

What I do in my private life has nothing to do with you sir. Why are you opposed to me getting this vaccine and still allow me to work for you even though I take anti-epileptic medications.

What the actual fuck is the difference. They are both choices I have made for myself about myself. Why the fuck is it ANY of your business? Isn’t the fact that you are demanding this information acting a bit like a government yourself. It seems very right wing and fascist to me.

It was time I stood up for myself against the divisiveness, judgement and fascism.  It would mean confrontation, which I have never been great at. It would mean self-worth, which has been a foreign concept for me on many levels. It would also mean taking a company to task who’s Modis operandi I wholeheartedly agreed with and respected.

I wasn’t taking on the company, I was taking on the CEO who was hiding behind the church.

Come out and face the music you coward.

Look at me in the face and tell me that you are surprised, disappointed, hurt, shocked…anything. Tell me something to my face. Not to a recording to 30 other people in the hopes I will get the message.

I got the message loud and clear and my message back is. Never treat me like an inferior EVER. Your contempt has no place in my heart. Even if you believe the case was bias and went in my favour because the people hearing it were vaccinated. This is just another avenue to escape owning your own actions and looking deep inside at what made you act like this to people on your side.

For it was your choices that led me to face you and reflect a most unempathetic and spiteful action thrust upon me.

There was never going to be any winners. All you had to do was pick up the phone BJ and talk to me like I was your friend, not treat me like I was part of the problem.

I sit here now with the decision in my hand and an order of $8000 to be paid to me in damages of which to my absolute surprise, seriously, I never thought I’d see a cent, Barry transferred $4000 with a note that the other $4000 will come when available.

Barry, I understand why you did what you did in the grander scheme of things but I will never understand why you did it the way you did it.

If you are going to spruik God’s name and use his teachings to prove others wrong, which is an irony anyway, then do it from a place of compassion, love and forgiveness. Not spite and hatred and judgement as this is not the place that my God sits in.

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